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About a week ago I got an email from a name that was slightly familiar but I thought was probably forged or something like that.   A friend of mine said that the person’s email address had been stolen.  The email was hacked and the password was changed.  The hacker was then trying to pass himself or herself (as I don’t want to imply that women can’t also be lying cheating thieves) as the person to whom the email originally belonged.  The scammer said that he or she was the person and had been mugged and desperately needed help.  As I don’t even know the real person it would be absurd for me to be contacted in a time of crisis anyway.  (Because I do not know the person I have changed the name used as I don’t want an innocent name splashed all over like this.)

Anyway, I replied.  We aren’t finished yet and I will update this as replies are sent, which should be daily.  Click the link to read  the entirety what has happened so far.

Scam Bait