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Archive for September, 2013

Pastor Mark Rossington and the staff of Epiphany Lutheran Church were kind enough to send me a copy of my husband’s memorial service.  Since we both have friends and family all over the country (and outside the country) I greatly appreciated it.  But for the longest time I couldn’t even look at the CD.  I have now uploaded the service for those who wanted to hear it.  If necessary I ask for forgiveness in my weakness and delay.

I asked Pastor Mark if the memorial service could sort of like the installation service when a pastor begins his work.  Except in this case instead of beginning it was to close his work and thank God for that time.  Pastor Mark understood my meaning and called everyone.  All of the pastors in the area were very obliging and came out to the service to each read a passage of the Bible and say a prayer.  I was obliged again when I asked if the whole of the resurrection of Lazarus could be read.  I could not have asked for a service more beautiful or fitting.

Memorial Service:
Prayers, Hymns and Readings
Committal, Prayers and Closing Hymn