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Archive for September, 2011


My big tricolored rabbit is not doing well.  He was adamant that he had to be near me and then had some sort of episode followed by rapid breathing.  Although he looks fine now, alert and without any pain something is not right with him.  Of course, this happens when my husband is out of town, I don’t have a car and I have $20 to my name.  All I can do is monitor him and treat any symptoms that I see and the morbid task of looking up what I should do if he passes away before my husband returns.

Every rabbit is different and they all have certain likes and dislikes.  Rabbits can be extremely shy or aggressive or snugglebunnies.  The personality can also change depending on the owner and when you have a rabbit that trusts you then you have a great friend.  You will have an animal that has enough force of will to tell you when you have upset them and then sit down with you and groom you if you feel bad.  They are prey animals and pick up on every aspect of your body language.  They also teach you to watch them (and others) so that you can communicate better.  They live with the constant stress that they could be lunch at any moment but they never let the fear of others entirely stop their lives.  They are amazing animals.

I am happy that I had and have these rabbits but I can’t write any more at this time.