The Pathological Truth Journal

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We are screwed.  Every single one of us on this planet is completely screwed.  We will never live in harmony.  Life won’t even be close to perfect.  It will be so far from perfect that it will often be downright shitty.  No one can understand one another.  All of us listen to our own faults as we hear others.  The jealous believe all people are jealous.  The cowardly believe everyone is afraid.  We will never get along.

Despite all of the protest to the contrary the self is all that matters to each of us.  You can not infringe upon me and if you try then I have the right to destroy you.  Then the biggest, the meanest, those most willing to completely destroy others are the only ones to win so everyone gets a little tougher.  The tension increases a little more until we are on the brink of war.  And we fight to win.  Brother against brother, daughter against mother, neighbor against neighbor until we are all dead.

This is not a call to peace.  We can’t do that.  We can not love, we can not be kind because we can’t trust one another for any length of time.  So, this is not a call to some idealistic and unreasonable goal. 

This is a call to repent.  This is a call to truly forgive, to erase the sentence and the guilt entirely.  That is the most of which we are capable.  Of course, even this much we get wrong most of the time.  Every time someone asks for forgiveness give it because everyone needs it.  All of us are at times hypocrites, cruel, spiteful and full of hate.  All of us need to be forgiven.

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