Theophorus Arts Initiative
There isnít anything there yet. This is meant to be a place for Christian artists.
However, if anyone has any art they want up now drop me a line and we can work something out.

The Black Swan
Incredible art with great depth. This is from his about section:
"Symmetry equals Asymmetry. Beauty equals Destruction. Destruction equals Creation.
Ben Chatwalks equals The Black Swan. The Black Swan equals Five of Spades."

The site belongs to Mr. Abo. I came across the site while wandering the internet a couple years ago.
Because I thought the site was cool I sent him a message. He wrote back. Not only did he take time out
of his day to write to me but he also wrote in a language that is not his native language. This is the
sign of a person who is not only incredibly talented but also very nice.
His site has some great music on it and is incredibly interesting (and green).

Youtube Channel for the Pathological Truth Site.

You can use this to send me comments. No one has yet and Iím fine with that.
And if it is something telling me what to do I probably wonít listen. Itís my site.
Go get your own if you want things done your way.