To: art@*****
Subject: Your site

Dear Art,

I wasn't entirely sure if this is where I was supposed to send this email. You are a hard person to track down. I came
across your site recently. I noticed that you don't have a section telling people where you are located. I know people
love to hear about locations and travelling tips. If you are interested I would be willing to share some of my email
adventures from my travels. After all, that's why they call me World Travelling Steve Wilson!

Recently, I went on a trip to Phoenix, Arizona. I went out to visit my special friends. The flight out was long and bumpy.
They also didn't have any orange soda-pop on the flight. Once I was out there the trip was great. We visited Greg,
Marsha, Peter, Jan and Bobby. We were going to visit Cindy but she had important business. I was also able to buy some
special medicated extra smooth pants at their WalGreens. I've never seen those before!

Since I am also an efficiency expert, I was able to take down all of the problems with the Phoenix area. I did need to buy a
second notebook to fit all of them! When I returned home, I live in Selden, NY (off Middle Country Road, right by the
Taco Bell) I decided to contact some of the local authorities about these problems. I think if we combine our resources
we could more efficiently get some answers to these questions.

If you are interested you can contact me through this email address. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

World Travelling Steve Wilson