To: Stewarts Soda Company -

I recently visited Justin, my friend in Phoenix from New York. I live in Selden (on Middle Country Road, right by the Taco
Bell). During that visit, my friend introduced me to your fine soda-pop. He particularly enjoyed the Key Lime flavor.
Although, he said he often wished there was a "harsh lime" version. Some people think he's a little odd but Justin is
alright once you get to know him.

While there Justin also made some very good corned beef and cabbage. Only he forgot to make the cabbage! He did remember the
potatoes, carrots and onions. I ate so much I was completely stuffed. I wanted to eat more but I just couldn't cram any
more down my gullet. Justin then offered me a soda-pop. He recently won the Pop Lottery in Phoenix and had more than enough
to spare. We saved the soda-pop for last because it was a like a desert to look forward to at the end of the meal. As
I took a swig of the cool grape soda-pop (on the rocks) an idea came to me. Why not make a meal in a bottle? You could
even make them in diet flavors. That way people wouldn't feel so guilty about having more than one.

"Too full to eat another bite? Try Stewart's Meal-In-A-Bottle!"

You could sell them in packs. For instance, the corned beef and cabbage meal pack would come with one of each of the following:
corned beef, potato, carrot and cabbage. I would leave out the onions since I am not fond of them. That way even if
Justin forgets the cabbage again he would have a back up plan!

You could have a meal for every occasion and region. I often travel all over the country for conventions, which is how I got
my nickname "World Travelling Steve Wilson". It would be nice to have some of those unique regional meals available to
the average person.

I hope some of these ideas are useful to you. I would certainly continue to buy your fine product. Thank you for your time
and look forward to hearing from you soon.

World Travelling Steve Wilson