To: Phoenix Sister Cities
Dear M-,

I recently visited your fine city of Phoenix. I travelled for work. In fact, I travel so often that my wife Geraldine calls me her famous "World Travelling Steve Wilson"! I travel all over this fine country improving people's lives by finding inefficiencies. And boy did I find a lot in Phoenix!

Last time I was in Phoenix I visited my friend Brother Domenic. We had a great time discussing everything from the life cycle of the okapi to the merits of pickle juice. We also went to an olive tasting. Now I know how a grape leaf feels! (Stuffed with olives.) It's been a long time since I had so much fun. I almost forgot about my work. Don't worry. I was still able to finish the NF Survey #1111-32.

I'm writing because I have never heard of Sister Cities and I've been a Catholic all my life! Of course, since I live on Long Island that's not such a surprise. I'm in Selden, NY (off Middle Country Rd, right by the Taco Bell). I can't believe Brother Domenic never told me! I would like more information on these communities. I can't believe there are cities filled with Sisters right in Phoenix! How exciting! How big are the cities? Are they divided by Benedictine, Franciscan, Dominican, etc?

Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

Sincerely, World Travelling Steve Wilson

Response to Steve:

Hi Steve,

You have a great sense of humor. If are interested in our sister cities program go to www.phoenixsistercities.org and you'll learn all about our sister cities - nondenominational and international.