To: Sedona Chamber of Commerce -

I wasn't quite sure where to send this question. I travel all over the US which is why they call me World Travelling Steve
Wilson. Recently, I visited my friends in Phoenix, Arizona. We had a good old time. We ventured all over the city
having many great adventures. We even compared the prices of belts in Phoenix to those of my home city. I am in Selden,
NY (off Middle Country Road, right next to the Taco Bell).

While there my friend (who we affectionately call Valvey the Valve Stem) informed me of some vortexes in your area. That is
something new! It sounds more impressive than the idea of winter lawn. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to
travel out to Sedona. I have some questions for you until my next trip.

Do the vortexes drain clockwise or counter-clockwise? Are they black or more of a grayish brown? Could we use them to solve
the growing trash problem? I guess that depends on where the vortexes drain to. I bet the reptilian overlords from the
4th dimension sure wouldn't like our garbage dumped on them! Is the plural of vortex vortexes or vortices?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope to hear from you soon.

World Travelling Steve Wilson

Response to Steve:

Dear Steve,

Here is a link to tell you all about the vortices.
Go to our website at www.visitsedona.com and order our Experience Sedona. Guide for your next trip.