Dear Shane Watson,

I am planning a trip out to your fine city of Phoenix. I have travelled there before. My company frequently sends me out
there to compare the regional differences of different winter lawn varieties. Of course, we don't have any winter lawn
where I live, just winter snow! I'm in Selden, NY (off Middle Country Road, right next to the Taco Bell). In fact, I
end up travelling so often that my co-workers say "Hey! There's World Travelling Steve Wilson again!" Last time we had
a great time going around to see all the hot spots out there. We took the Freaky Arizona Tour that was given by this one
armed guide named Jebediah Watson. (Is he any relation to you?) I don't know how we finished all our measurements with
all that horsing around.

I came across your site one day and noticed that you live in Phoenix. I thought maybe you could help me with my questions.
The last time I was in Phoenix I noticed that all of the plants out there are covered in spikes, spines and various pointy
things to cause a person lots aggravation. I can't tell you how many times I brushed against a nice looking palm type
plant only to have some point jab my calf! Since then I have been developing the Plant Point Cover to cover all of those
spiky little points on the plants. The covers look a lot like little foam marshmallows so I was planning to paint them
to give a more festive feel to the product. I have even started working on a commercial.

"Ouch! Did that plant stab you again? Tired of being poked every time you walk outdoors? Try World Travelling Steve Wilson's
Plant Point Covers!"

Do the native Phoenicians (people from Phoenix, not Phoenicia) have natural adaptations to keep them from getting poked by
plants that aren't soft and inviting? What colors do you think would be most attractive for these covers? Have you heard
of any similar products already on the market out there?

Thank you for your time and help. I hope to hear from you soon!

World Travelling Steve Wilson