To: Arizona Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (Phoenix) -

Dear Sir or Madam,

I wasn't sure who would get this email. I had a question about the weather in Phoenix that I hope you can answer. Well,
it's more than a question it's a long standing feud I have with my second cousin.

Recently I took a trip out to Phoenix. I travel a lot for my work, in fact so much that they call me "World Travelling
Steve Wilson". While I was there I visited my second cousin Nash. Now, my second cousin keeps talking about "the time
it snowed in Phoenix". He goes on and on about it (and how cold it is there). But when he describes the snow he says
it was solid in the air but melted BEFORE it hit the ground and didn't refreeze. It melts and hits the ground as water!
I tell him that's called "rain". At least that's what we call it in New York. I live in Selden (off Middle Country Road
next to the Taco Bell). Well, the whole trip went downhill from there with each of us calling the Weather Channel until
they started to block our calls.

So, Nash and I still go back and forth all the time. I think it's harder on Nash. I hear he sometimes gets so worked up he
goes to the mall and hugs random vendors to feel like people approve of him. It's hard for the rest of the family to see
how much he suffers because of this feud. I am hoping that you can settle this argument once and for all so Nash and I
can put this behind us and act like second cousins should!

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

World Travelling Steve Wilson