To the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department:
Dear sir or madam,

I wasn't sure who would get this email. I recently took a trip out to your fine city. You had some really nice weather out there. It was in
the 70s with relatively low humidity and sunshine almost everyday! Even the barometric pressure was almost perfect! I was glad I ended up
going because it was much nicer than my hometown. I'm in Selden, NY (off Middle Country Rd, right next to the Taco Bell). They were buried
in snow while I was enjoying the temperate climate!

While I was out there I visited my friend Obadiah. We just call him Obie. He's the kind of guy who thinks the world is going to end in less
than 15 years. But we all like him anyway. Obie wanted to take me out to Dreamy Draw Dam to see if we could find the hidden UFO that was
buried there. While we were driving up there I asked him which mountains we were looking at. He pointed to one and said that was the
Lewison Mountain. He even knew that it was named for Albert Oliver Lewison the famous Welsh playwright. I'd never heard of him before but
I also don't go to a lot of Welsh plays!

When we got to Dreamy Draw Dam I saw there wasn't any water there so I thought Obie might be on to something. We didn't find the UFO so you
must be doing a really good job hiding it. And I am used to looking for secret bases growing up near Montauk! We decided to hike the trails up
there. The trails were well maintained and a lot of fun to use. That is a great feat of efficient management in the middle of a city!
Although, you might want to consider the use of colored painted lines since a lot of the area just looks like dirt. Obie was surprised at how
fast I could move on those trails. But they don't call me "World Travelling Steve Wilson" for nothing! (I travel so often for my work that
people have taken to calling me "World Travelling Steve Wilson".)

I am considering another trip out to your fine city of Phoenix. I was thinking that maybe this time I would see if I could hike the Lewison
Mountain. I went to your website to see if I could download a map of the trails on that mountain. I couldn't find the Lewison Mountain
trails anywhere! Do you have a more updated map of your trails that include them. Or is the Lewison Mountain privately owned? If you have
any information on the Lewison Mountain I would greatly appreciate it! I've been scratching my head for days.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

World Travelling Steve Wilson