To: Evergreen Turf -

Dear Sir or Madam,

I wasn't sure who would get this email. I recently took a trip to Phoenix, Arizona. I take a lot of trips all over the
country. In fact, my friends gave me the nickname "World Travelling Steve Wilson"! I was out in Phoenix for The
Fourth Annual Efficiency Conference. The conference is held in a different city each year. This year our conference
was held at the Phoenician Resort. Let me tell you, we needed that time on the golf course after finding all the
inefficiencies of Maricopa County!

It was on the golf course that I started to wonder about the residents of Arizona. I am emailing you since you are a lawn
expert. I noticed that people in Phoenix spend an awful lot of time trying to make the desert look like the beautiful
green of the northeastern United States. Since I live in Selden, NY (off Middle Country Road, right by the Taco Bell)
I was able to compare the desert lawn to our real lawn. I was informed that the lawn I saw in Phoenix was "winter lawn".

Wouldn't it simply be more efficient to move to the eastern United States if a person wants a consistently green lawn?
Desert dwellers constantly talk about how there is no humidity where they live. Isn't that only because you don't have
as much water? Also, I would like a green lawn in the winter if possible. Will rye grass grow in -10 degree weather?

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

World Travelling Steve Wilson