Dear Dr. H,

I recently took a trip out to Phoenix. I take a couple of them a year since my job requires it. (I am a freelance landscape
efficiency expert.) In fact, I end up travelling so much that my friends started to call me World Travelling Steve Wilson!
"There's World Travelling Steve Wilson again!" This last time I went out I stayed in Scottsdale. I thought it would have
a traditional Scottish theme to it. I couldn't find a decent kilt anywhere all they did have these scorpion paperweights
I've been looking for. But that doesn't have anything to do with Scotland!

I am writing to you because I think I have a problem. While I was out there I started to become very afraid. I wasn't afraid
of being mugged or of being in a new city or even the winter lawn! I was afraid of the jumping cactus! It all started
when one night my friend Jesse and I were out walking his ferret, William. He called out to me "Steve watch out!" He then
explained that I was about to walk into a cholla ("jumping cactus"). From that time on I have lived in fear with no sense
of relief. What if a cactus attacks me? How can I fight off a cholla? And I don't even live in Phoenix! I live in Selden,
NY (off Middle-Country Road, right next to the Taco Bell). I am pretty sure I have developed the dreaded Cholla Complex.
I drove by a building that had that name so I am assuming it must be pretty common in Phoenix.

Does your practice deal with treating a Cholla Complex? It might be hard to plan appointments but if I can get rid of this
fear it would be worth it! I also contacted Cactus Psychiatric Associates but they told me they don't deal with this
condition. That is a misleading name for a practice! They did refer me to you so I am hoping you can help.

Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon!

World Travelling Steve Wilson