To: Channel 3 (Phoenix) -

I wasn't quite sure where this email should go or who will read it. I recently visited your fine city of Phoenix. As a long
time fan of "Weird New Jersey" I wanted to see the world famous "evil" house. We don't have those things in Selden, NY,
at least not in my part of Selden (I live on Middle Country Road, right by the Taco Bell). Unfortunately, when the tour
group arrived we found that it had been painted over. They even put a statue of the Virgin Mary on the lawn! Imagine my
surprise at that.

As you can tell, I am somewhat of a thrill seeker. My wife Shana says I have a distinct talent for getting into trouble.
However, I like to seek thrills in an orderly and efficient manner. I have travelled all over the country looking at all
the exciting sites I can and marking inefficiencies. I've even been out of the country once, which is how I received my
nickname: World Travelling Steve Wilson.

While I was in your fair city a couple of weeks ago I watched quite a bit of Channel 3 News. I particularly liked the part
with the guy who gets people's money back. I noticed on your channel you have the weather report on quite a few times
during the program. As an efficiency expert that seems like a waste. Especially when it is going to be 70 something
degrees and sunny for the next week.

I propose instead that you start a "Weird Arizona Update" and put that in some of the weather slots. If you had that report
our tour group wouldn't have wasted going all the way to north Phoenix to see a famous site that no longer exists!
Instead we would have watched Channel 3 News even more to see what weird and exciting sites could replace our original
plans. To my knowledge no other news station in Arizona has such a unique report.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

World Travelling Steve Wilson