To the B.E.O. of the Old World Brewery

I recently took a trip out to Phoenix, Arizona for a robot efficiency conference. I travel to these conferences pretty
frequently. In fact, I travel so often that the pilots say "There goes 'World Travelling Steve Wilson' again" every
time I hop on a plane. We hold the conference in Phoenix since cold weather can disrupt some of the readings on our
equipment. The weather out there is certainly a lot nicer than the weather here! I'm in Selden, NY (off Middle Country
Road, next to the Taco Bell).

While I was at the conference I visited my friend, Tom. He works in the garment industry trying to get his Extra Smooth Pants
line off the ground. One day after he came back from work I met up with him at Cocos and we drank coffee and talked about
important business information. The coffee was pretty good but we didn't get many refills. Afterwards, he suggested
that we go meet up with his friend, Justin so we could listen to Songs From The Crystal Cave.

It was at Justin's house that I first drank your beer. He suggested the Peg Leg Ale. I tried one and it was great! I really
enjoyed it! Then, I had another. After we each drank about ten Peg Leg Ales we were ready to call it a night. But then,
Justin said that he had some of your other beers that we needed to try. Well, I have never refused anything for free.
So, we spent all night trying different varieties of your beers. I don't remember which ones or much of anything but I do
remember they were delicious.

I admit I wasn't too happy about the after effects. I think that was the worst headache I've ever had. After the conference
I stayed in the area to check up on our company robots in the area. Surprisingly, their efficiency was down 39% at the time.
I don't have the figures for this year but I'm sure I will need to go back to that area to calibrate some of the robotic
components that I worked on that day.

I have a question for you. Is it possible to get any of your fine products outside of the Phoenix area? Do you do any business
in New York?

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

World Travelling Steve Wilson

Response to Steve:

He must of had the beer on draft at his his, as we dont bottle the beer. the co2 he pushes could give you that headach.. and we do not sell
outside az,, try some Brooklyn beer or anoyther local made ale.

Pathological Truth Note: Apparently, Steve had a few more beers than he remembered. Because he didn't remember much from that night.