Dear Sir or Madam,

I wasn't sure who reads these letters. I recently took a trip out to the fine city of Phoenix, AZ. I travelled out there for work related
purposes but I certainly enjoyed my time too! As an official food tester I do a lot of travelling for my work. In fact, I travel so often
that the flight crews have taken to calling me "World Travelling Steve Wilson". Every week I hear "There goes World Travelling
Steve Wilson off to do more tests!" I usually test bagels but this time I was going out to look at some pizza places.

While I was out in Phoenix I was able to take a break from work to meet up with my friend, Shanon. (Shanon is a guy.) (He's a little
sensitive about his name too.) He played this great practical joke one day. We drove out of the city and he had me get out of the car.
Then, he drove off! Can you believe that guy? What a nut! In the distance I could see Lewison Mountain. It was a great sight. I wasn't
sure about where I was so I called a cab and got back to my hotel. I know that when Shanon commits to a joke he really commits!

After I arrived back home I went to the bank. I went to the Citibank since it's closest to my home. I live in Selden, NY (off Middle Country
Rd, right by the Taco Bell). They had signs up for the new National Parks quarters. I saw Arizona was using the Grand Canyon. I asked the
bank teller if she would want to see a bunch of square mountains on the back of a quarter. Sharon (the teller) agreed that no one would want
to see that.

Did you choose the Grand Canyon because Lewison Mountain isn't a National Park? Would it be possible to make Lewison Mountain a National
Park and include it on the quarter or is it already set? Although, I guess with all the fiscal problems it probably is easier and more efficient to
use square mountains. All those little squiggly lines on Lewison Mountain must be hard to make!

Thank you for your time and I hope to get some answers soon!

World Travelling Steve Wilson

Response to Steve:

Dear Mr. Wilson,

Thank you for writing to the Arizona Office of the State Treasurer. You may wish to contact the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records regarding your inquiry.